Aug 27, 2010

The Shadows In The Street, Susan Hill

Hill’s Simon Serrailler mysteries not only give you a police procedural with a thoughtful protagonist they also reflect the Cathedral town of Lafferton and the many characters you find roaming its streets. They show you the consequences for those touched by or suspected during a police investigation.

Dr Cat Deerborn, Simon’s sister is still in mourning for her beloved Chris. Her stepmother Judith is helping as best she can. There’s a rift brewing in the Cathedral community, Steven Webber, the new Dean and his pushy wife Ruth want to sweep away centuries of tradition and transform Lafferton Cathedral from high church to happy clappy.

Abi Righton, a local prostitute trying to make good reports another working girl missing and when that girl turns up dead and others follow Simon is called back from sabbatical. Could the killer be a disgruntled punter, a violent ex-boyfriend with form, or Looney Les the librarian whose efforts to help the prostitutes put him on the police radar. Then Ruth Webber goes missing. Simon’s team are running out of leads, the press are turning hostile. What Simon needs is a stroke of luck but it may be luck laced with tragedy.

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