Aug 26, 2011


From the bought/borrowed but didn't have time to read pile - until now that is.

You are next (bought) by Katia Lief

Former detective takes on the Domino killer - who wiped out her husband and son - and has just escaped from prison.  Taught, tense and scary.

Shoot to Thrill (borrowed) by PJ Tracy

Minneapolis' Monkeewrenchers are at it again.  This time they 'assist' the FBI in tracking down a killer who posts his kills on YouTube.  Plenty of twists turns and the cop humour of Rolseth and Magozzi - can't miss.

Until Thy Wrath by Past  (arc) by Asa Larsson -

Swedish mystery with echoes of the "The Lovely Bones" as a murder victim interacts with the police trying to solve her case and that of her missing boyfriend.

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