Aug 26, 2011


Those of you who have known me a long time will remember my 'summer of Lovejoy'  When I read every Jonathan Gash  novel I could lay my hands on - even that one where he ends up Japan.  For those who don't know what I'm on about, Lovejoy is an antiques dealer and a 'divvie' which means that he can tell real from fake (his gift or his curse depending on how it gets used)  He's a scruffy womanizer and though he tries to do the right thing; Lovejoy is not a pacifist. In fact he's a lover and a fighter.  Head and shoulders above the rest of the Gash books was The Judas Pair but my copy got put on the wrong pile and donated by my mum to the local charity shop.

I was chatting to George Easter; editor of Deadly Pleasures magazine, which you may have seen in our mystery section, before Chris Ewan's event and I mentioned that Charlie Howard reminds me a little bit of Lovejoy and that after Sleepers of Erin, Judas Pair was my favourite.  Yesterday, I found not one - but three Lovejoy novels, Grail Tree, Gold by Gemini and Judas Pair - sitting in my boxThere could well be an 'autumn of Lovejoy' coming up!

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