Jun 2, 2013

Your assignment (should you choose to accept it)

So TKE mystery buffs here's a discussion question for next time we meet in the store.

When recommending a mystery (or any book) to a friend how often do you censor yourself according to their taste? I'll give you a for instance to get started, two books that I have read in the last few weeks I won't be blurbing or recommending that we get them in. I didn't hate them but, and this is a massive but, i can't think of any regulars that I could sell them to and one of them was totally hyped up by the blurb and for me sadly it didn't live up to that hype.

Considering how twisted my tastes can be (when being introduced to one of our lovely reps for the first time she said to me 'oh you're the one!' although now she never fails to give me the twistiest arcs she can) I wouldn't put a book on the shelf that I know is going to sit there and not sell.

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