Sep 3, 2015

The Hanging Girl by Jussi Adler Olsen

I've had this arc less than a week, Olsen's work is compelling, he was my go to after I finished the Millennium Trillogy (and no I haven't read Girl in the Spider's Web, reviews are good but I'm still deciding) Here's the review for Hanging Girl.

A retiring police officer on Bornholm commits suicide in front of his colleagues and Rose blames Carl Morck. Carl did tell the officer that department Q was backed up with cases and couldn't accept his. Rose guilts Carl and Assad into going to Bornholm with her to investigate. What the trio find is an unsolved obsession, A young girl who died in a hit and run, her body found hanging in a tree. Carl reluctantly starts to dig into what turns out to be an electrifying case.

Other books that have just been published are In a Dark Dark Wood and Hollow Man. They are reviewed in the latest 'Live from the arc pile' podcast which went up on the website today, go check them out.

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