Apr 26, 2016

Sleeping Giants, Sylvain Neuvel

Like your science fiction with a dash of The day the earth stood still? Then this is for you.

Dr. Rose Franklin was 11 years old when she fell down a hole was rescued and inadvertently discovered a giant mechanoid hand. Rose, now a physicist is involved in a project to reunite the parts of a device that no one on earth could've built. The team she assembles, pilots Kara and Ryan, linguist Vincent and geneticist Alicia gather the parts with the assistance of 'the man with no name' a person who seems to wield more power than the commander in chief. Is his interest in the device as philanthropic as he claims?

A more thoughtful brand of sci fi, told through the team's interviews with Mr. no name, news reports and insight from the team members’ private journal entries. The story moves at a good clip to an intriguing conclusion. A sequel is coming.

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