Jun 14, 2016

Stiletto, Daniel O’Malley

Her majesty’s supernatural secret service is back. The Checquy and their sworn enemies The Grafters are moving towards an alliance. Peace talks, brokered by Rook Myfanwy Thomas are about to take place at the Checquy’s headquarters in central London. Tensions are high, a single spark could lead to war between the two supernatural superpowers with the hapless British public right in the firing lines and that spark could be between Pawn Felicity and Grafter Odette, two women who absolutely can’t stand each other.

Even in the middle of peace talks, supernatural threats still exist, like the outbreak of killer crystals countrywide, recent transplant patients sleepwalking into oblivion, and a burial site in north wales that contains one very pissed off occupant not to mention the conspiracy theorists noisily picketing the Checquy’s offices.

Stiletto is still a mashup of Monty Python, Dr. Who and Torchwood with all of the horror/humour of the original ‘Rook’ and the four year wait between books has been well worth it.

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