May 16, 2017

Since We Fell, Dennis Lehane

TV reporting is a tough business and rising star Rachel Childs falls at the biggest hurdle. After an on-air melt down, Rachel becomes a virtual shut in; racked by panic attacks. Until Brian comes back into her life. Brian Delacroix, humble, Canadian, the only honest PI she’d ever met. Now working in the family lumber business he travels a lot. Rachel loves him, trusts him, marries him. With him by her side she begins to put her panic attacks in the rear view mirror.

Then she glimpses Brian on a street corner at a time he is supposed to be jetting to London and her long buried reporter’s instincts resurface. As she slowly works out what she is mixed up in, her feeling towards Brian start to shift.

Did he ever love her? Has he been lying to her all along? Should she kill him?

Dennis is coming to TKE! Sunday June 4th 2017 at 3:00 p.m. 

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