Sep 18, 2017

The Sorbonne Affair, Mark Pryor

Hugo Marston, head of security for the US Embassy in Paris is at Isabelle Severin's funeral when he is approached by American romance novelist Helen Hancock. Her story sounds a bit far-feteched; someone has been spying on her, possibly to steal her work. Hugo suggests bringing in the police in the shape of Camille Lerens and a spy camera is found in Helen's suite at the exclusive Sorbonne Hotel. Before Camille can proceed with an investigation a murder occurs at the same hotel and within hours some of the footage from the spy camera, some very revealing footage is uploaded to the internet. Hugo finds himself drawn into the investigation because the bodies stacking up are all Americans and it seems that his involvement has drawn the ire of the killer.

Meanwhile Tom Green is obsessing over the release of convicted bank robber Rick Cofer who swore revenge on Tom and Hugo back when both worked for the FBI. Cofer is heading their way and may already be hunting his quarry on the streets of Paris.

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