Sep 20, 2017

The Late Show, Michael Connelly

Cops who work the 'late show' in Hollywood CA don't normally close cases, they start them but when night turns to day their investigations are taken over by the day shift. It's not where Renee Ballard would have wanted to end up but after accusing a senior officer of sexual harassment and watching her ex-partner refuse to back her up, this is her life now. Ballard and her new partner, Jenkins catch an assault where the victim was left for dead and it pushes Renee's buttons. She manages to hold on to the case and work it under the radar on her downtime. As she gets closer to nailing a vicious serial attacker her attention is split between her case and a high profile shooting in a downtown nightclub where the shooter remains unidentified.

Detective Ballard is tough, feisty, a little Kate Beckett-esque, this has enough twists and turns to keep police procedural fans happy but still manages to throw a few curve balls into the mix.

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