Sep 5, 2017

Sourdough, Robin Sloan

From the writer of ‘Mr Penumbra’s 24 hour book store’ comes a charming Bay Area tale of robots, software and sourdough.

The 'clement street starter' is the last delivery from the hole in the wall food place that genius software engineer Lois Clary has been ordering from every night since they left a menu taped to her door. The two Mazg brothers that run it are leaving the country in a hurry and the key to their mouth-watering sour dough is now Lois' room mate. A very musical and lively room mate.

Soon, Lois has the baking bug and is supplying her neighbours and the canteen at her employer; robot arm maker General Dexterity. She has also discovered, a club for woman named Lois and the Marrow Fair, a group of cutting edge food technologists based out at now-abandoned Alameda air base, Lois, with email encouragement from the Mazg brothers (and some Mazg music) begins to explore the starter's origins. Without realizing it, Lois has hitched her star to a seething clump of microbes, which is becoming more demanding by the day.

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