Jul 10, 2018

Con Artist, Fred Van Lente (illustrations by Tom Fowler)

From the moment artist Mike M was picked up from the airport by the one-armed girl he knew this con was going to be different. Mike bounces from con to con, drawing and selling his comic book art for fans in Artist’s Alley he doesn’t complicate his life any further than that. This all changes when Danny, Mike’s arch rival, and the man who Mike found in bed with his wife gets him thrown out of a pre-con bash with a badly thrown punch.

When Danny turns up dead the next day the San Diego police department think that Mike M, with no alibi and a hell of a grudge, did him in. Mike M will have to solve Danny’s murder to clear his name. Packed with nerds, geeks, zombies, cosplay and Nazis(?), a whodunit with a difference, and illustrations (which may contain clues!)

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