Sep 12, 2010

One book leads to another

The new Oliver Sack's book - Mind's Eye (October) has a story about Howard Engelman a Canadian writer who woke up one day not able to read a thing, he could still write though.  Engelman used his condition in a novel called Memory Book and that's what I'm reading right now.  It's not new but knowing the guy's history it's a fascinating read.  The editing process was a particular challenge he had to get people to read passages to him and make the edits that way.  The story in case you feel like checking it out Benny Cooperman a PI comes round in hospital, unable to remember how he got there.  Slowly with the help of cops and his girlfriend he pieces together his shattered memory but will whoever tried to kill him succeed this time?

I also bought Stephen Lawhead's new book - the first time I've bought a book because I've seen a trailer for it!  I'll review that soon. In the meantime I just completed the second draft of my second book - that's kind of been taking up my time in the last few weeks.  It's going out for comment today.

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