Jul 29, 2011


I was trying to scale back on the arcs, with the San Francisco trip being next week (!)  But they just keep on coming.  And funny story, I did an offsite event this week at the main library.  The event itself went smoothly even my hasty primer on the mobile credit card machine - no problem.  The problem - the dolly - it wouldn't sit up, it wouldn't lay flat.  I jerry rigged it and got up to the room OK. Coming down, that was a different story.  The dolly was in errant shopping trolly mode so folks if you were in the library on Wednesday afternoon around 5.30 and wondered what that horrendous noise was.  It was me pulling a dolly that was acting more like an errant puppy and my goodness it was loud.  So sorry.

The hotel in SF has wifi so I'm going to try and photo blog while we are out there.  Looking forward to meeting Cara and visiting West Portal books and all the other fab things we can pack into a weekend.

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