Aug 18, 2011

Ice Station Zebra (redux?)

Yesterday I found a copy of Ice Station Zebra by Alistair Maclean in my box.  This really confused me because it was oringally released in 1963. I read it when I was 10 'ish along with Puppet on a Chain and The Guns of Navarone, classic Maclean.(Be thankful that I could reach my Dad's reading material before my Mum's Barbara Cartland collection or this would be a whole different kind of blog!)  My colleague said that ISZ had never been published in the US and I find that hard to believe - as the movie was a world wide hit.  So rather than talk politics in the shop today - lets talk Ice Station Zebra.  I'm also trying to get hold of a thriller by Laurence O'Bryan called Istanbul Puzzle which I may have to order from England so that I can decide whether or not to try and get some in to handsell when the book is released in the US sometime in 2012.  O'Bryan got his publishing deal through Authonomy - I'd left the site by the time he came through - but as I've said before there are some real gems hidden on that site.

Have to finish Phantom of the Opera before bookclub on Sunday.

Also I have a question that's publishing related, I went looking for a book that I really enjoyed on Authonomy last year with a view to ordering a couple of copies for the store to handsell (not the Istanbul Puzzle -that is a real book) and its only available as an e-book and not available through google books - if you know what I mean.  This is doubly frustrating because a) I can't get it in and b) if I talk it up people won't be able to buy it from us.  So my question is this - would you rather see a book you've written as a physical thing in your hand or would you just e-publish.  My opinion goes directly against hubby's who thinks that e-pub is the way to go.  I think if you don't have an actual book to promote its the equivalent of straight-to-video.

So yesterday's topics were The Khan Academy and out of touch politicians.  Today's are ISZ and paper or cloud publishing.  I really am at the store all week.  

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