Aug 16, 2011

Good Thief's Guide to Venice

Saturday evening, met Chris and his wife Jo and gave them a tour of the store.  The event was out on the patio and not only was every chair filled but we had to add a bunch.  Apparently Utah time is similar to that on the Isle of Man (although the weather is not!) but we started at 7pm on- the-dot. 

Chris entertained the crowd with stories about his research for the books, how the series came about and how he came to be published in the first place.  The lock picking demo that he normally does couldn’t take place because, well lock-picking tools and the TSA… you get the picture.  There were a bunch of questions, even my hubbie asked a question, and no I hadn’t pre-primed him.  There were suggestions for Charlie’s next port of call ranging from Hong Kong to Prison.  Everyone  - Chris included - decided that research for that one might be a bit dodgy.   

We always try and ask our visiting authors to recommended their favourite authors and Chris boosted Megan Abbott’s sales, we had no copies of The End of Everything by the end of the evening and a bunch of orders for her other books as well.  Everyone got their books signed and everybody came away happy.  We hope to see Chris and Jo at the store again soon, either for The Good Thief’s Guide to Berlin or the stand-alone (The) Safe House.

Of course TKE’s events are run by a team and they don’t get enough recognition for making everything run smoothly so big thanks to Helen, Nathan and Jennifer.

Oh and I think Wendy may be planning a field trip to the Isle of Man!

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