Feb 14, 2017

The Last Night At Tremore Beach, Mikel Santiago

Composer Peter Harper has lost his muse, shut up on the rugged Irish coast and still licking his wounds over his recent divorce. He’s pretty sure he’ll never write another award winning score again. The night of one of the worst storms in living memory Peter accepts an invitation from near neighbours Leo and Marie to have dinner with them. On the return journey Peter is struck by a massive bolt of lightning. He wakes up in hospital, seemingly unscathed and then the visions start. He sees a smashed fence, a desperate woman, only the fence is fine and the woman is perfectly safe. The visions only get worse, Peter can’t tell if he’s awake or in some lucid dream. 

Did the lightning fry his brain or amplify a latent power, or is he simply losing his mind?

Whatever is happening to him he’s certain of one thing; Leo and Marie are hiding something and it threatens the lives of everyone he loves.

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