Feb 7, 2017

Winterlong, Mason Cross

Winterlong, a top secret government group has a simple severance policy, a shallow grave with your name on it. Former Winterlong operative, Carter Blake is a rare exception. Five years ago he and colleague walked away from Winterlong after negotiating a pact of mutually assured destruction with the old director. Since then both have kept their heads down.  The new director wants his head on a pole and she’s coming after him with every asset she can muster. Blake knows every trick in the book, problem is Winterlong wrote that book. Armed only with his wits and some formidable fighting skills Blake goes on the run saddled with the added complication of a rogue software designer he was ‘retrieving’ for a client. Both sides are hurtling towards an explosive East coast climax during one of the worst snow storms in living memory.

N.B. This is book three in the series first two are Killing Season and The Samaritan

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