Aug 15, 2017

Bedlam Stacks, Natasha Pulley

Smuggling for the East India company nearly cost Merrick Tremayne his leg. Stuck back in England in a crumbling ruin that his brother refuses to even try and repair, Merrick spends most of his waking hours in the greenhouse where his great grandfather, explorer Harry Tremayne planted the exotic plants he found in Peru, Merrick can keep anything alive except the strange tree that Harry planted in the garden which has just blown up the house! Merrick convinced he is going mad, the other thing Harry brought back was a statue and it appears to be moving of its own accord.

Before he completely loses his marbles Merrick is recruited into another smuggling operation, this one destined to fail, his attempt to obtain cuttings from the cinchona trees that sit just above the tiny settlement Harry visited known as New Bethlehem or Bedlam for short is liable to get him killed by the people controlling the quinine trade. That will be grounds to bring in the army. What Merrick and his companions find is a place caught in time, protected by ancient beings and more of the moving stone statues and a link back to his great grandfather, a priest named Raphael.

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