Jun 11, 2018

Author Life in...

Heading into Summer (we skipped Spring this year) and it’s a Summer of change, my favourite coffee shop- the one where I’ve written both the Mary Macs and at least two of the Lottery series has been bought out. The division my hubby works for has been bought by another company only nobody seems to know who they are; our kitty cat is having issues and we’ve got the outlaws descending on us in a couple of month’s time. So fun and games all around.
Still coming down off the high from launching ‘Shot of Treason’ late last month. Bookstore life is always fun, I honestly can’t remember a job where I’ve laughed as much.  However don’t be thinking that any shift is easy. On any given night we all have to pitch in and that can include everything from hauling chairs to putting out the trash and every combination in between.
Book three, there’s no working title yet, but I have the added challenge of a writing within a set of parameters. Certain things have to happen in #3 (spoilers sweetie!) to keep the continuity straight. I’ve already written and tossed several opening sequences.
Tech stuff is not my favourite thing. Joining goodreads and claiming my author page, well that was easy. Brushing up the website and getting the YouTube channel updated has taken me most of the morning.

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