Aug 6, 2018

Author Life in...

This month C and I built a sofa in a day, I met not one but two famous authors, TKE Ink launched  and we played 'where's waldo' with a car.
First, book three, still no working title I am off and running though. Questions I'm asking myself, does Jo stay comatose for ever? Is there more than a hint of Agatha Christie going on and who is Mary's mum?
The sofa; we splurged and bought a sactional. (yes that's spelled correctly) LoveSac is a local company and when everything duly arrived (along with instructional videos!) we set to work. They say that if you want to test your relationship go on vacation together or you could build a sofa. There were some sticky moments but at the end of the day we didn't kill each other, although I learned a valuable lesson. I'd be rubbish at upholstery as a career choice.
The two famous authors and TKE Ink. One author was Jennifer Eagan (Visit from the Goon Squad, Manhattan Beach) she did a fantastic presentation, had the audience in the palm of her hand and it was an honour to meet her and get my copy of Manhattan Beach signed. The other famous author, our very own Ann Cannon whose book 'I'll Tell You What' launched TKE Ink as a publisher and the Utah literati turned out in force.
C's new car still hasn't arrived. It's now been in the US for two weeks and being from Sweden it clearly wants to see the sights. We've nick-named it Valdo the Volvo and if it doesn't turn up soon we'll have nothing to put the parents in when they arrive in T minus 18 days!

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