Feb 6, 2019

Author life in...

The less said about Christmas the better,  I wanted a quiet Christmas but be careful what you wish for. You may get it! Moving on, plenty of winter storms which means lots of snow and that - in turn - means water in the reservoirs. It also means a killer workout because someone has to shovel all of that snow off the drive and the paths. 
The rebuilt extention has become C's fabrication room (he's building me a new costume for comic con in April)
Book 3 now has a name, 'Robust Revenge' and I'm knee deep in rewrites for the second draft. I've got a pretty good idea what the cover art is going to be (hint, it involves a motorbike)
I'm doing something a little out of my comfort zone next year. In March of 2019 I'll be at the brand new First Pages writing conference here in Utah, not as an attendee; I'll be giving a talk on all things mystery. First Pages is for people who think they might want to write a book which is where every writer starts out. 
A short round up of what happened in the last three months. Several weekends away, including one down to Vegas to go and see Penn and Teller, gambling, glitz, glamour, magic, perfect! End of November my first ever trip to Disney and Universal Studios with a NASA day thrown in. The whole thing was fantastic.

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